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Revival of the fittest

Get your well deserved dose of rock 'n roll! Our debute album is out now!

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Redstacks band

Rock nostalgia; cranked amplifiers, virtuosic keyboards, thumping drums and acrobatic vocals. Redstacks founders Jeffrey Revet and Jouke Westerhof, though born in the late 80's, might as well have been alive in the early 70's. Drawing their musical inspiration from all era's, they're able to incorporate their learnings into a fun, energetic homage to the rock 'n roll greats of yesteryear.

Together with Tim Beudel on drums, Marcel Berveling on bass and Jan Willem Ketelaers on vocals, Redstacks is ready to bring you the new wave of Dutch "old school inspired" classic rock. For all you people craving for those vintage rock tones, here's the medicine.

Rock ain't dead, that's for sure!


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